Recently I was doing some research on how to build a Lean To shed and what the best practices are. She showed me a picture of a plastic shed at a box store and told me it would be perfect if I got it for her, and it would be only for her gardening supplies and tools!

What an insult to me as a DIYer! I began looking at our property and working out a building plan. Adding a lean-to to existing shed would be perfect! I could tuck it against the side wall, the only accessible wall. The slope of the original shed, however, put some constraints on the Lean-to height, which would also impact the other dimensions.

To get a usable height, the shed could only be 8-feet long.

lean to shed roof framing

The highest the Lean To roof could be against the existing wall was inches. The size would hold all the gardening tools, pots and planters, fertilizers, and maybe even a potting bench!

Peace was just a saw-cut away! Once I decided what and where to build, it was time to consider other factors affecting the design and placement of the Lean-to. My next decision was attached or free-standing, and did I need a permit. According to our local regulations we can build 2 sheds less than sq.

How to Build a Lean-to Shed Roof

Check with your local building department; they can be quite helpful. I decided to go with my favorite deck blocks. It would keep the cost down. I decided I would only need 2 rows of 3 blocks each to support the floor. I planned to use crushed gravel under the blocks to help with drainage and leveling. The hangers would be attached to the beams using 4 Simpson SD screws in each.

The Simpson SD screws are code rated for shear-force use. Pro Tip: Never use roofing nails! The heads often separate when driven against metal. Additionally, they are not shear-force rated for this use! I covered the cloth with a thin layer of gravel. I wanted to make sure there was space for air to flow under the shed floor to help keep moisture down.

I could have done it before building the frame, but making square and level adjustments would have been more difficult. Pro Tip: Use an End Cut preservative to seal all cuts before assembling the frame.

I laid out the garden cloth and covered it with a thin layer of gravel.A lean-to shed is just that -- a shed that leans on the wall of a house, garage, or barn for support. Lean-to sheds are great for storing mowers, cookers, garden supplies, and other things that need to be sheltered but do not need to be in a freestanding building. Most lean-to sheds are built with open ends for easy access. They are basically two parallel walls connected by a roof. Lean-to sheds can be built to match a house or garage, or have their own siding and roofing, often made from corrugated metal.

Make a ledger board to fasten to the existing wall and support the upper end of the lean-to roof. Measure the width of the outside wall, and cut the board with a circular saw to the same length.

Use a 2-byinch board for a short roof up to about 8 feeta 2-by-6 for a longer one. Fasten the ledger board to the studs in the existing wall with long screws and a screw gun you can remove the covering on the existing wall or leave it in place. Use a level to make the ledger board level at a height above that of the outside shed wall you can make the lean-to roof at any pitch or slope you want, but it should slope 1 inch for every 10 feet it runs from the ledger board.

Connect the ends of the ledger board and the ends of the outside wall with 2-by-4s cut at an angle to fit between those walls. Nail those to the outside of the ledger board and wall. Add internal 2-by-4s for rafters for a lean-to shed longer than 4 feet; cut these to the angles to fit between the walls and toe-nail them in place toe-nailing drives nails diagonally through one board into another.

Space rafters 24 inches apart. Install 1-byinch sheathing strips across the rafters, shed end to shed end. Nail these to each rafter in inch increments from outer wall to ledger board. Keep them level. Cover the lean-to roof with corrugated metal roofing. Place the first panel on one end of the roof, and secure it to the sheathing strips top and bottom with a screw gun and galvanized steel or aluminum screws depending on the type of roofing metal with plastic washers on them.

Put a screw in each sheathing strip, through the valley in the corrugated panel. Do not put a screw in the last valley, where the next panel will overlap.

Add another panel to the side, overlapping the corrugations according to the manufacturer's recommendation, generally one ridge and one valley. Cover the bottom of the roof and add a second row of panels at the top, if necessary, overlapping the bottom row by 6 inches. Panels normally are 8 or 10 feet long but can be bought in longer lengths, so for some roofs only one row will be needed.

Use tin snips or a metal saw to cut panels to fit where needed. Put metal flashing at the top of the corrugated roofing, nailed to the building wall and overlapping the roofing to deflect water down the roof.

Seal the top of the flashing with clear silicone caulk.Ready to build your shed? Just wondering what roof to build and how it all goes together? Where to start? So, pour yourself your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy our little guide. Hopefully, we answer all your questions. Plywood or OSB is the most common materials used for the roof sheathing.

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The pitch of the roof determines the roofing material you can use. Asphalt shingle can be installed on a pitch of 2 over 12 or greater. They may not be necessary on a shed, but they will help the roof last longer and help protect whatever you store in the shed.

Snow load, wind force, rain and heat all are climate factors that influence the roof. Most roof designs can be made to work in most climates, just be aware that there may be higher costs involved to build them. Rain can pool on a low slope roof and rot cedar and asphalt shingles and find or enlarge gaps to cause leaks. Damp shingles can lead to moss which will also rot the shingle.

A strong prevailing wind or gusts usually means a lower slope windward to reduce wind force. The saltbox roof was designed for coastal winds. Hot, arid climates frequently have a low slope roof design with lots of ventilation and insulation. Different roof styles go with specific structures. If all walls are the same height, the Gable, Hip, and Gambrel roof works well.

lean to shed roof framing

If you want a high side and a low side, the Saltbox, Skillion or shed roof is for you. If you want headroom or storage on one side but not the other, the Saltbox is ideal. The Gable or Hip roof will give higher center storage or headroom. The Skillion or Shed roof provides a single slope roof deck running from a high wall to a lower wall.

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It permits high storage on one wall and less on the other. How a Roof Withstands Snow Loads A roof can usually withstand more than its rated snow load based on the tributary area, duration, and inertia. The closer the rafters are together, the thicker their depth, the use of collar ties, and the greater the slope, the better able to withstand snow load. Additionally, the greater the slope, the greater the impetus gravity for the roof to shed the snow.

The greater the distance between the rafters, the greater the snow load each rafter carries. The duration is the length of time the snow stays on the roof before it melts, evaporates or slides off; it is usually brief, so there is less damage than if it was year-round accumulation. The inertia is based on the time it takes for the snow to accumulate on the roof. The moment of inertia is great, since the snow build up is over a matter of hours, days, or even weeks.

So the roof has time to adjust to the load.This work on the simulation framework has been lead by Alon and I on two different fronts. In this blog post, with the accompanying paper, we will share some of the first results gathered from these simulations. The simulation software itself is currently being prepared for a public release. Learn moreGet updatesGet updates.

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How to Build a Lean To - Framing and Adding Siding (Part 1)

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How To Build A Lean To Shed [Complete Step-by-Step Guide]

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How to DIY Shed Roof Framing [Step by Step Guide]

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lean to shed roof framing

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lean to shed roof framing

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